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Bosch kabel

Bosch kabel adalah merek mikrofon dengan kabel penghubung yang banyak digunakan di ruangan rapat di Indonesia. Bosch conference system banyak digunakan di ruang rapat MPR,DPR,DPRD, BUMN. Hampir semua rapat di Indonesia menggunakan merek Bosch.
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    • Bosch ccs 900 ultro

      Bosch ccs 900 ultro

      Bosch CCS 900 ULTRO
      Bosch CCS 900 ULTRO designed for aesthetics, acoustics, functionality and perfection. Bosch CCS 900 ULTRO creating a world-class solution for those who want....

    • Harga mic conference Bosch

      Harga mic conference....

      Price mic conference bosch
      Price Bosch conference mic depending on the number of needs. 1 set mic bosch conference consists of 1 ccs curd as power control, mic chairman of the....

    • Sound system untuk ruang rapat

      Sound system untuk....

      Sound system for meeting rooms
      Sound system for meeting rooms are generally designed so that helpful for the user. It points to consider when we do the design as follows:

    • Bosch ccs curd

      Bosch ccs curd

      BOSCH CCS Curd
      Bosch CCs Curd is a tool that provides power to a set of conference microphone system from Bosch CCS 900 ULTRO. Mengendalkan also the chairman microphone unit....

    • Bosch CCS CU

      Bosch CCS CU

      Bosch CCS CU is a power supply that provides power to the control at 1 mic conferencing equipment package Bosch, Bosch CCS CU is the center of a series of confence....

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